Gator Automatic Butt Welding Machines

gator cut out front cover

Speed and simplicity
The Gator is the fastest butt fusion machine on the market. Fast Clamp toggles lock the pipe in place; quarter-turn twist-lock system secures the trimmer and heater plate; simple selection of automatic jointing parameters; the Gator’s unique automatic heater ejection mechanism facilitates a dwell time of under 2 seconds. Consequently, all Gators are FASTWeld compatible.

Quality and functionality
Gators have an automatic joint cycle with an in-built failsafe mechanism. The Gator’s on-board computer offers full automation of all quality related functions including drag measurement, bead formation, heat soak, cooling and data capture. The Gator is a truly automatic machine - it leaves nothing to chance and ensures quality jointing from the first joint of the day to the last.

Durability and style
Stainless steel components have replaced painted mild steel components, and aluminum castings in natural finish reduce lifetime service costs. No cracked or chipped paint; no unsightly scratches. Gators remain ‘new’ for longer. Black ABS heater guards add to the Gators’ stylish new livery.

Attention to detail
• Hard-anodised trimmer discs are protected from scoring and general ‘wear and tear’ ensuring that aluminium particles cannot contaminate the jointing surface.
• The Gator’s curved blade is designed to provide the optimum cutting angle.
• Detachable stainless steel cradle protects the Gator on site.
• Replaceable heater surface plates.

Gator control panel

Gator control panel_2

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