Impact Moling Machines

Impact Moling is a un-steered, fast and low cost method which is used for the installation of small diameter utility pipelines, this system is typically used for private and domestic



Caldertech Australia offers Essig Impact Moling machines as a fast, low cost reliable method for installation of pipes, cables and ducts from 20mmØ up to 180mmØ distances from
5 metres up to 20 metres, through various ground types.

Typical installations for Moling can be used for all small utility services i.e. water pipes, gas pipes, cables and ducts under roads, railways, driveways, gardens, trees, patios and existing structures and environmentally sensitive areas.



Impact moling is an unguided soil displacement technique in which a percussive mole is launched from a small excavation to form a bore through the ground. The new conduit is
normally drawn in behind the mole or pulled back into the bore using the hammers reverse

  • The underground working area is confined to points of entry and exit only.
  • No disruption to traffic.
  • Moling is fast, efficient and in most cases low cost.
  • Ideal for working in soft Clays and Silts.
  • Minimum disruption to property.

ESSIG IP-Moles for soil displacements
14 basic versions

ESSIG produces 14 basic versions of the IP-Mole, however, customers are not limited to just 9 sizes. the IP-Mole can be installed with expanders, adaptors and other ancillary equipment.
The choice of bores is almost unlimited with diametres of 45 mm to 1.4 metres can easily and efficiently be achieved.
Another highlight of the ESSIG-IP-Mole is the versatility of applications, which is due to the
ideally coordinated accessories.

Essig moles

ESSIG - underground system

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