Caldertech Australia Pty Ltd

Caldertech Australia distributes the Caldervale Technology range of Electrofusion Tooling and equipment for installing plastic pipe systems throughout Australia and South-east Asia.

Our core products are Electrofusion control units, with other products including clamps and scraping tools for cleaning the pipes before joining. In total we have a range of over 200 products - but all with the focus of making plastic pipe systems safe & easy to install as well as safe & durable in use.


Caldervale Technology Ltd

The company has grown a long way since its founding in 1983, but we still manufacture our products ourselves at 2 sites in the UK. This is part of our commitment to quality, ensuring we meet and exceed the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO14000.

Because the company is independent of any of the pipe manufacturers,we have become a trusted adviser - even being consulted by
manufacturers themselves for new solutions to challenging problems.

"Helping you make the right connections"