Butt Fusion & Electrofusion Tooling
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Electrofusion Welders

Our high quality Electrofusion Welders have the latest technology available for data logging and quality assurance.
Combine this with the ability to weld all major manufacturers of PE pipe fittings easily, we guarantee your satisfaction of these long service life welding units.

Proxima 1 (3)

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Pipe Scraping / Peeling Tooling

A critical part of Electrofusion Welding is the removal of the oxide layer and surface dirt prior to welding. Our proven range of Pipe Scraping / Peeling tools provide you with a cost effective solution to remove this layer in one uniform pass eliminating any possibility of over scraping or miss scraping areas when using a hand scraper.

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Squeeze off Tooling

We have a range of Squeeze off Tooling in sizes from 16mm - 315mm for the
temporary closure and flow control of PE Pipe systems.

160-250mm hydraulic squeeze tool


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Pipe Re-rounding and Re-forming

Helping your PE pipe installations these tools are designed for correcting coil or stick pipes that are "out of round" or oval prior to assembling Electrofusion fittings (Re-rounding tools). The same tooling can be used for correcting deformity in pipes after a squeeze off has been applied (Re-forming tools).

Rerounder 180

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Pipe Clamps and
Positioning Kits

Equally as important as the pipe preparation stage is the secure clamping and positioning of the PE pipe during the weld and for the complete cool down period. We have a full range of clamps and positioning kits suitable for any project in sizes from DN16 - DN1200mm. Most clamps can hold PE pipe in variety of angles and can be used for 3 way branch connections as well as dis-similar pipe sizes for example DN90 - DN110mm.

Jointmaster 3-way [1024x768]

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Patch Scraping Tool

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